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Founder of HairStory International and now grouped as Global Story’s Mr Derick Ooi Tze Wei, also known as Derick by everyone, came from a well-discipline family. Being brought up in an environment with both busy parents and less time spent with him, he had grown up as an introvert yet less confident young man.

Remembering his secondary school life when crew cut discipline was introduced to all students of the school. At that time, Derick was enduring puberty where he suffered a face full of acne and together with the crew cut hairstyle, he had totally lost confidence in himself. Soon after graduating from school, he learned that confidents is an important aspect in one’s life and so he decided to be the ‘start’ by venturing into hair industry with a vision to not just make money but at the same time helping those people that lacks confidence like himself. He had dreamed to enhance the confidence level of those lack of it through beauty and love and of course if possible, changing the world. And so, in year 2004, the first hair salon – Hydro was introduced.

Although he was already an owner or a hair salon, Derick still fell hard to cope with the fear in facing big crowds. However, things had become better when he met his life coach when he was in age 27. With his guidance and advices, Derick had determined to work hard in learning various management and personality skills which he went abroad in Hangzhou China for a learning course in year 2009. After the return and understanding the comprehensive benefits experienced from the course, he had given more concerns in peer integration and cooperation. With this he had tried several attempts to join other brands yet was frequently rejected. And finally, he decided to make a brand of his own and then Hairstory was founded in year 2010.

As today, Hairstory International had intake a great importance in cultural management plus a systematic and professional yet always improving thoughts. It has then branched out to 17 stores in the Northern Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur which includes none other than hairdressing industry as well as the beauty, nail art, technical colleges and etc. Derick hoped to bring better services to more people, and at the same time helping them to instill confidence and beauty through their thinking, mentality and technical education.


Become a business model in high-end hairdressing and personal image industry, and achieve common long – term success with our employees and partners through a people- oriented organization.


Changing the hairdressing industry in Malaysia

To give undivided dedication to deliver superior quality services

To provide an affordable platform for all customers to enjoy the luxury of high-end hairstyling, cosmetology and personal image consultancy 

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Co-Founder & Executive Director

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2015 JCI CYEA Top 10 Finalist 2015 PUMM The 3RD Top 50 Team Enterprise Award 2016 ASEAN Outstanding Business Award 2016 FMA Outsmart Entrepreneurs Awards 2017 KWYP Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Achievement Award ASEAN Master Class Award PUMM Penang Youth 2017 Entrepreneur Sharing Volume 2 KWYP Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Achievement Award Shanghai Elite Entrepreneur 2017 FMA Business Innovation Awarfd 2016 2016 JCI CYEA Top 10 Finalist